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A Great Discovery

A friend recommended that I watch a movie, called "The Secret". While watching this movie, I felt empowered and uplifted.  It was inspiring and  I felt that the course of my life was about to change forever.   It was as if some part of me had always known, deep down, that the Law of Attraction was real, even though I had never heard of it before.   Some part of me woke up when I watched this incredible movie.

One Month Later, I Sunk Back Into My Old Ways

I felt powerless over my life and at the mercy of the world.  Events were once again out of my control. Everyday I drove to a job I didn't like and my days were filled with stress and financial struggle.

Once again, I was miserable.  I didn't know what to do.  

I realize that when Rhonda Byrne created The Secret, she didn't mean for it to be a HOW TO course. The goal of The Secret was simply to make people aware and interested in the Law of Attraction. 

I was in need of a how to course, because the Law of Attraction seemed vague and far away.  Stress and depression were my daily reality.

I Found My Bliss Again!

Finally, I discovered the Secret Course, which unleashed in me all those blissful feelings again!  It held my hand every step of the way teaching me how to improve my life in every area.  The course works.   That feeling of power had returned.  Things again and things started going my way.  Each day was better than the day before it. 

I could see the world changing around me. Each lesson brought me to a higher level of success and happyness.  I was feeling good again.  Empowered.


Money Flows Into My Life

The Secret Course included a Wealth Course which taught me many different ways to make money from home.  The CD it came on was packed full of books and software and even tutorial movies.

I learned hundreds completely different ways to make make money online.  I started with eBay and Craig's list, following the instructions in the books.  Later I moved on to site promotion and traffic generation. By now the money was really coming in.


I Was Able To Quit My Much-Hated Job

The day I quit my job was one of the best days of my life!  I was working from home using a computer. 

Me, use a computer?   I thought I was too old to use computers, but here I am earning a living on a computer.

 I love going to my mailbox and getting checks daily.  Most days I don't even get dressed until noon! I usually start my morning by seeing how much money I made the night before while I was sleeping.

I have over a dozen different income sources now, and most of them pay weekly. There is a lot more security with multiple streams of income than I had with my job!  If one of the companies I make money from did go out of business, it wouldn't really matter much, since I do not rely on any one company like I did when I had to go to a job. 

No one has power over me anymore and I don't have to answer to someone who calls himself "my boss".

But, I Was Alone

The combination of the Secret Course, (which taught me the Law of Attraction and self improvment), and the Wealth Course, (which taught me how to quit my job and earn a living from home), had set me free. 

I was happy, empowered and working from home. But...   I was alone.

I wanted to talk to like-minded people.  People who also found the Secret Course and the Law of Attraction. I wanted to meet and talk with other deliberate creators! People who were able to quit their jobs and work from home.  I needed a support group. 


Now, I Am Surrounded By Helpful Like-Minded People

I joined this site and immediately found myself surrounded by like-minded people.  People who I could bounce ideas off. I learn from the people who know more than I do, and lend a hand to the people who know less than me.

We share stories inside on the message boards and compare notes. now it's easy to find what works and what doesn't. 

If I have a question, it gets answered! 

I am not alone anymore! 

I share my experiences and stories with others who do the same with me.  I actually call this place my Law of Attraction family!  It's my home away from home.  I love these people.

People Helping People.

I Fit In
I Belong


There Is Always Something New Inside!

The site is always changing and updating. There are tons of feel-good videos to keep me uplifted. There are even Law of Attraction and Self Improvement downloadable books inside! With updates and new features added every other day, there is always something fresh and new to do inside. 





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The sky is the limit to the ways you can make money with this program. Luckily, there are thousands of methods and hundreds of different products to sell, so we can help each other with tips and tricks without directly competing! 

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